From the beginning, the development team already planned for the G-INFA platform and is currently in the implementation phase: this is not only one game, G-INFA is a universe with many different games where gamers do not have to go out of the game for new experiences. Gamers can also contribute their ideas to build a better gaming community.

Through G-INFA, different games can share resources, with different storylines and different missions in the same Universe, or together create new exciting games/minigames/events.=

The platform allows game publishers to raise crowdfunding by issuing tokens in the G-INFA universe. Participants as players must have the certain conditions to be allowed to participate such as:

  • Own NFT (one of game NFT which built in universe)

  • Receive project’s token

  • Have performance/experiences to join events/battles from other games.

Besides that, the investors have an opportunity to analyze the potential project to invest and go along with the publisher in long-term development.

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