• Solo Extras (Clones): With the maps with monsters and Boss created for players to get level up and collect pets. There are many different types of clones, some only go alone and there are also copies that must be accompanied with the team. The higher the level, the more copies will be opened with large Boss dropping rare attribute items. Depending on the copy, there is a limit of the number of times you can enter Farm Me in a day, or if you fail, there will be a time when you will have to wait for recovery. The shorter the time it takes to destroy the copy, the higher rank you will get on in the leaderboard.

    Last standing: This is a mode where the player must survive in a certain area. Monsters will spawn anywhere in the play-area and will be stronger over time. Players have the task of surviving as long as possible. Achievements will be counted towards the achievement leaderboard.

  • Co-op mode Cooperative allows players to work together as teammates and overcome the extras. Rewards for teams are pet shards and friendship points. The reward ratio is calculated based on the amount of damage dealt. Especially, the Party owner will be given priority to increase the reward rate.


  • Death Match In this mode, the main goal of all players is "Remove as many other players as possible".

    Whoever has the most points removed before the time runs out will be the winner.

    In case a player has more than 30 kill points, the game will end immediately and he will be announced as the winner.

    Number of players: 6 players

    Duration: 3-5 minutes

  • Flag Robbery Players will join and try to get the flag to your team. The flags will appear randomly on the map. The team with the most flags on their base will be the winner. In case a team has all 7 flags first, that team will be announced immediately as the winner. Number of players: 6 players

    Duration: 3-5 minutes

  • Kill Match In this game mode, players are divided into two teams. Their mission is to knock down as many opponents as possible.

    The team with the highest number of kills will be the winner. In case the team has 50 kills then the game is over and they will be announced as the winner.

    Number of players: 6 players

    Time limit: 3-5 minutes

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