Play to Earn

Play games to earn money (P2E), help players build their worlds and gain financial benefits through collecting, trading on the marketplace and other means

In Farm Me, you can play to earn in many ways:

  1. As Investor/NFT Owners: You can invest NFT items first and then post in NFT renting to allow another to rent your own assets by $FAME or sharing benefit accordingly. You may also sell NFT items or $FAME in a peer-to-peer marketplace (Hire & Work)

  2. As a player: you can earn the profit by some ways:

  • You complete all daily tasks to earn $ME token and collect the shard items which based to create new NFT

  • You participate in event in-game and tournament (daily/weekly/monthly events) and get the rewards

  • You win the battle round (solo/team role) to claim directly reward by the $FAME token and the rare items such as: Hero Shard, Pet Shard, Weapon Shard.

  • Governance: owned $FAME and contribute to DAO

  • Earn a lucky ticket via participating in the lottery/ daily reward pool.

3. As a KOL/ Influencer: you may join our events and stream games to attract new players and promote the project and receive rewards from the Farm Me community.

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