First: the game is pre-built from the beginning in the Metaverse

With detailed 3D graphics, tight storyline and engaging gameplay, the game is ready from the beginning for players who only need a VR device to experience 360-degree virtual reality vividly, most authentic.

The map is designed with broad and unlimited segments for gamers to keep exploring every day. In addition to farming, gamers can go fishing, logging, mine ore, hunt monsters, with different addicting minigames... Gamers can also make friends, chit-chat, attend festivals, shoppings together, travel, drive, start their own business, and even more. With the Builder feature, you can create your own home or a work of art… This is an opportunity for artists, content creators, an opportunity to make money. The options are limitless.

Second: the Hire & Work feature

Farm Me is a job platform where everyone can play and earn real money.

The investors: invest and employ. You can directly list the jobs and make a profit

The game player: apply for jobs from the investors to make side income

This feature aims to solve problems that other GameFi(s) are facing which helps FarmMe gain traction and attract more players from other traditional games.

Third: Farm Me Community Fund (FMCF)

The FMCF aims to support CSR projects such as environmental, cultural values projects through game activities and events.

After completing tasks and earning income, gamers can make friends all over the world, networking, doing charity work such as planting trees, protecting the environment, sight-seeing, and participating in cultural festivals.

All $ME tokens which were created in these activities will be donated to the FMCF. The admin team will buy back to support the project to grow. Then all the tokens will be converted to Fiat and donated to real-life charities.

Fourth: Unlimited game features expansion

The limitless island expansion will create more than enough space for gamers. The community can also vote to open a new MAP to increase gamers' experience.

From the beginning, the development team already planned for the G-INFA platform and is currently in the implementation phase: this is not only one game, G-INFA is a universe with many different games where gamers do not have to go out of the game for new experiences. Gamers can also contribute their ideas to build a better gaming community.

The most important part for any GameFi, is the Tokenomics system. With a team of many years of experience in the field of traditional games and Blockchain, observing the economic operation in the Game, we can show off the clear flow, which helps the Game develop sustainably.

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