1. What is FARM ME?

→ As a 3D NFT game built on the BSC platform, players play the role of the main character and perform activities: farming, breeding, hunting, and fighting for survival. In addition, the game also features community, pairing with many practical human values.

2. What is play to earn? And how do I play to earn in FARM ME?

→ The term gaming for money (P2E) helps players build their worlds and gain financial gain through collecting, trading on marketplaces and other forms. In the game FARM ME, you can do the following activities:

Buy, sell, exchange NFT items Staking, receiving recurring rewards or storing FAME at National Treasure Hire & Work: activities take place - NFT leasing cooperates to share profits Governance: Participate in activities and get rewards Perform daily tasks, participate in contests/events..

3. What does farm ownership mean?

→ FARM ME is an interesting farm game, in which players can own their own farm whether they invest a little or a lot, in the process can expand the farm by buying more land (LAND).

4. Explain the value: Free to play in game.

→ These are the different values that FARM ME brings to players. Free to earn (F2E): this is a business agreement activity between an investor (who owns NFT) and an NFT tenant to play the game needs time and effort.

5. Where can I contact you?

→ You can contact us at 👉 Facebook 👉 Medium 👉 Fanpage: 👉 Twitter: 👉 Youtube: 👉 Telegram Việt Nam Chính thức: 👉 Nhóm Telegram Việt Nam: 👉 Telegram Global Official: 👉 Nhóm Telegram Global: 👉 Discord:

6. I’d prefer to play a relaxing game. Is it easy to experience?

→ We guarantee the unique values that the game gives you: Free to earn, Play to Play, Play to earn, Play to relax, Play to learn and Shopping. Therefore, FARM Me is suitable for all walks of life, no matter who you are: office worker, housewife, freelancer or student….

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