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Based on the NEAR platform, NFT is a 3D game in which the player plays the role of the main character immersed in the infinite green space. The sound melodies are relaxing, and the gameplay consists of meaningful activities such as farming, breeding, hunting, and fighting. To make the game more interesting, Farm Me offers friendly gameplay to not only GameFi players but also all traditional gamers.
We guarantee the unique values ​​that the game brings you: Free to earn, Play to Play, Play-to-earn, Play to relax, Play to learn and Shopping. Therefore, whether you are an officer, a housewife, a freelancer or a student…. Farm Me is all for you.
Below is some target audience stats
16 - 45 year-olds
60% Female - 40% Male
Player Request
  • The investors
  • Game players & fan-investors
  • Traditional game player
Target Region
  • Launch phase: Vietnam, Indo, Philippines, Thailand, then to India, Brazil
  • Next phase: Eastern Europe
Game genre
Simulation, RPG & social game