Inspired by popular traditional farm games such as Harvest Moon, Hayday... and the story "Alice's adventures in wonderland" as well as the autobiography of the brave boy Christopher McCandless in "Into the Wild - John Krakauer", Farm Me was created as a farming game with fight-for-survival elements to help you experience the appealing metaverse. The camp moves into Metaverse, bringing an immersive experience to the NFT community and connecting GameFi gamers with traditional gamers. As a comprehensive, expansive Metaverse game with a pre-defined goal, Farm Me will allow players to 'Play to Earn', 'Play to Relax', and 'Play to Save'...

Free to earn is a new definition and was proposed in particular by Farm Me by marketplace mechanics in which players are looking for an opportunity to play a game by renting owner NFTs and investing their time & effort to share benefits based on their smart contract agreement. Therefore, Farm Me creates a job platform to solve the problem in its economic system and bring a humanity value in focus to connect the Metaverse world and the real-life community.

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