$ FAME Token

Play to earn: Players can compete in events or win tournaments to earn $FAME by claiming the rewards or creating the new NFTs by collecting the shared one.

Buy NFT items: FAME can be used to buy NFTs items (Land, Hero, Pet, Weapon), Mystery Boxes...

Staking Rewards & Governance: Every FAME token holder will benefit from the growth of Farm Me. One part of the fee & tax collected in the game will be split to all FAME token holders who stake FAME to the game. Another one will go to the Governance pool, which will be handled by the community’s governance process.

$ ME Token: unlimited supply - can be earned by playing the game. Once you earn them, you can claim them to your wallet.

Earn: completing the daily quests (farming, hunting, mining, fishing…), battle rounds depending on PvE/PvP modes

Utilities: Buy gift, look for rare item/wild item or need to upgrade towards level, share the benefit between owner and renter

Economy’s balance mechanic

  • Limited $ME token generated daily

  • Spending ME$ for in-game activities ( burn mechanics)

  • Not be allowed to convert directly from FAME to ME and vice versa

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