1. Why use Blockchain?

→ Blockchain gives gamers the power to: Authenticity of ownership with virtual in-game items and assets. Liquidity: of in-game items during development High level of data security: all data is stored in the blockchain system in a clear and transparent way, making it impossible for game publishers to control, delete or affect data as well as players cheat. Safe & Easy Transactions: The purchase, sale, exchange of items openly and easily.

2. What is a cryptocurrency wallet and why do you need one?

→ It is essentially a place to store your cryptocurrency, it is used to send, receive money and keep track of balances. So for Game NFT, the exchange of cryptocurrencies is regular so you need to use an e-wallet to support sending, receiving or saving your cryptocurrencies. In FARM ME, FAME & ME tokens will be exchanged through Timebeat Wallet.

3. What wallets can I use to register for FARM ME?

→ Near wallet

4. What blockchain does FARM Me run on?

→ FARM Me is built on NEAR Blockchain

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