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To start participating in the world of Farm Me, what do players need?

  • Each person needs to buy at least one Hero and one Land from the Market to start the basic operations that form the basis for new farm building activities. Each Hero will have 0-2 passive skills that support the gameplay. In addition, players will also be given a basic chest that includes farming tools: Wooden Pickaxe, Wooden Ax, Wooden Pickaxe, Wood Watering Can, Wooden Sickle, and a pack of 10 potato seeds to start farming.

  • After a certain period of time, players can upgrade the amount of Land they can buy to support farming activities to suit their needs. During this upgrade, players will also have the opportunity to receive more Hero and Rare Hero to save costs for other activities.

  • The maximum number of blocks that Farm Me allows players to open is 8,000 blocks, depending on the development of the game and the needs of the players, the metaverse world of Farm Me will continue to expand further.

  • Farm Me's map has Farm, Town, Forest, Mine, Beach areas corresponding to diverse and interesting activities for players to explore.

1. Breeding

There are up to 6 different types of livestock and poultry (pig, cow, chicken, goat, geese, sheep) to diversify agricultural products, create more profits as well as contribute to creating a production plan suitable to the demand of the farm.

The finished product of the breeding process will be directly sold on the Market for other players to buy or store to make other products of higher value, including the $ME value on the Market or the price use-value.

The difference of Farm Me is that players do not need to constantly buy more pets on the Market, but pets of the same type available can breed to produce mutant offspring with better genes, bringing higher economic value, players can save a lot of money during farm expansion.

2. Farming

Farm Me's Cultivation process follows the direction of a traditional farm game when they have these steps: Sowing seeds, watering, fertilizing, harvesting vegetables and fruits to sell to NPCs to increase income.

There are many types of crops for players to choose from, in addition in the metaverse world of Farm Me, factors such as weather, day and night, alternating seasons will also affect the time to mature and develop the tree. Harvesting will yield agricultural products corresponding to the type of crop, in addition, the players can also get rare item fragments (usually appearing in battle mode) from mutant crops.

And if the season is over and the player still does not harvest, it is likely that the agricultural product will be destroyed, requiring the player to time it to participate in the game if he does not want the results to be lost.

3. Hunting

The Metaverse world of Farm Me is extremely large, containing countless mysteries, where players can search for legendary creatures to receive precious items. In addition, if they’re lucky, players can also tame these creatures to become their Pets, taking these super Pets to battle will help increase the player's strengths in battle mode.

Pets in the game are not limited in number, each has different abilities and is stronger after each upgrade or additional equipment, so players can choose to suit their upcoming battle.

4. Fishing

Fishing locations are fixed in the game, usually, there are many types of fish available in the game but only appear during a certain time of day.

In addition to fishing for items, Farm Me will create a collection event according to weekly or monthly events to see who has the most seafood.

5. Pet

With an eye-catching, cute appearance and a variety of pets that will help players build their farm.

Pets of the same type have the ability to create a new generation, including purebred legendary pets, the ability to support pets is also enhanced in the offspring.

6. Mining

Mining in the mines with a variety of types and minerals will help players upgrade tools for the farm and build houses, exchange on the Market.

The number of minerals mined is unlimited but not abundant, continuously, depending on the player's energy, the number of turns mined at the mine is also different.

7. Architecture

Based on the player's $ME amount as well as items and minerals, houses or structures on farms are also different. Mainly, players build houses with wood and mined minerals and necessary items (can be dropped during game activities or exchanged, bought, and sold on the Market).

A built structure can be moved, upgraded, or destroyed depending on the player's requirements. Often structures will serve different purposes, the size of the structure also shows the player's ability to expand the farm.

8. Wedding

This is the mode that most games have been developing to make the game more realistic, especially in the world of Farm Me. In addition to getting married, players can also create children, create a family with responsibility. and childcare obligations.

Child Hero generation will help increase the strength of both parents in game activities.

9. Fashion

Farm Me offers a lot of choices of costumes for players to meet the needs of trending and updates regularly in real-time (trends, seasons, festivals,...)

The costumes after being equipped for the Heroes will help increase the strength in each time participating in the battle mode.

10. Crafting

The exploited resources such as wood, minerals, ... will be brought to the Crafting Center to create items for the process of upgrading and creating weapons.

Each type of item is made when there are enough ingredients and recipe paper obtained in game missions/activities.

11. Cooking

All agricultural products from the process of harvesting as well as livestock, fishing, ... to create dishes. Dishes are created with special recipes, available at Farm Me.

To cook more dishes and larger quantities, players can upgrade the kitchen and buy more kitchen items

The created dishes can be used by the Hero to increase his strength or sold on the Market

12. Job platform

This is the place where those who want to find employees in the game for investors.

There are 2 main activities in the game: rent and hire, all will be discussed and signed between 3 parties to ensure the benefits for players.

13. Gift

Players can interact with each other in many ways, giving gifts is one of them, to increase the interaction index, items can be exchanged back and forth through the gift mechanism and purchased in the Market.

The number of gifts and items that can be given is limited each day or through special events held.

14. Market

This is a place where players can participate in posting items, agricultural products,... to sell and get $ME, the more trading, the more players can get and participate in many Game activities.

15. Transportation

This is what helps players move faster between maps because Farm Me World is very large, depending on the type of vehicle the player uses, the map switching speed is different.

16. Leaderboard

Every week there will be a Top contest event, rewards will include $FAME coins and precious items.

Each week's events have different prize levels and different ways of participating, creating expectations for participants.

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