Introduced as an unique selling point of Farm Me, its impressive gameplay and player experience make it stand out from other NFT games.
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Welcome to Farm Me - a fantasy metaverse, you may:
Becoming a true citizen with imaginative characters:
Choose 1 of 6 character classes such as Farmer, Agent, Police, Soldier, Special Force, Super Hero.
  • Farm & breed on the land that you already own
  • Fish & mine to increase income
  • Cook from your farm produce to create dishes that increase Hero’s stats
  • Complete daily tasks to get rewards
Adventures without ends :
  • Meet & connect with new friends
  • Own mythical pets by playing the role of a hunter at a hunting island.
  • Kill bosses for rewards and hunt for rare items with Friend Power
Show off personal color palette:
  • Customize the character: The Fashion feature of the game makes your Hero not only unique, but also increases the original stats.
  • Architecture: creatively build and own your own house, architectural works in your style.
  • Crafting: unleash your imagination with hundreds of recipes to design useful and beautiful items.
In Farm Me, you are not alone:
  • The bustling town is a place to exchange ,meet other gamers, chat, trade and give gifts.
  • Players can date and match in the game to create the next generation of Heroes.
  • Decentralized forum where users can discuss game activities, find out upcoming voting schedules in Decentralized Organizations, find new friends, etc.
Community events create practical community value:
  • Create practical value by participating in Game Farm Me's dedicated crowdfunding activity.
  • Give interesting or rare items to friends and relatives.
  • Job platform to increase income: Those who have excess money but lack time can post job ads to support people; People with little money can go to work to get richer.
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