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Imagine if one day the whole universe turned into a floating kingdom in the middle of the sky, and you were a traveler among the clouds floating with magical islands... Let's take the intergalactic flying bus together, to the kingdom of Nine Clouds, this December with Farm Me. “I am Alice/Alix” - just a human. Having an office job, experiencing a boring childhood, and living a normal life. "For me, the whole of nature has a special place in my heart."

Alice's dream as an office worker is still to travel, to live like a traveler exploring the world, immersing herself in nature, and waiting for the right opportunity to travel. A longer journey of discovery begins, full of excitement and fantasy.

(*) Starter who is female will be named Alice - male will be named Alix (man's defender, warrior).

(**) Idea:

  • Alice's adventures in wonderland: the wonderful adventure of little girl Alice to the wonderland, when she accidentally got lost in the forest and fell into a rabbit hole.

  • Into the Wild - John Crakauer: autobiography of the brave young man Christopher McCandless, who abandoned modern life and embarked on his greatest adventure of his life: a journey to the roots of primitive nature is full of freedom and also contains many dangers. This young man gave up his name, and at the same time chose a name for himself at the beginning of his journey - Alex (close to homonymous reading with Alix)).

The Fateful meeting

The winter break was a time that Alice decided to take a trip to the far north, a land associated with strange and mysterious legends. It took Alice a whole month to prepare for this trip, but she had no idea it would be the most magical trip of her life.

As the snow began to fall, Alice was preparing a vegetable soup from ingredients she had picked in the forest, when suddenly a white wild chicken appeared. It looked strange and stupid, very different from the other chickens Alice had ever seen. It was a white chicken with a bow at his neck, he made some noises like a bird, stood at the door of the tent for a long time, then looked at the old clock in the corner, then he quickly left.

Suddenly, Alice's instincts compelled her to pursue the uninvited guest; the girl stalked the White Chicken deep into the forest. The forest scene became darker, the snow fell harder, and suddenly the white chicken vanished. Alice looked into an ancient chest covered in dust. Once again, the traveler's hunch urged Alice to draw closer to it, the trunk's lid popped open, a sudden golden light filled her eyes, and in that instant, Alice found herself falling into infinite space..

Our journey begins here... When she woke up, Alice found herself lying in a tiny room, with a bed, jars of jam on the table and a paper plane floating in space and opened with the words: “Life is so boring sometimes, isn't it? If given the opportunity once to live your own life, become the person you dream of… Are you ready?"

The other jam jars seemed to wake up and slowly, one by one, they flew into the air, hanging in front of her eyes, each jar of jam was labeled in turn:

  • Orange marmalade.

  • Apple marmalade.

  • Pineapple marmalade.

Alice touched the jar that appealed to her the most. Suddenly the door opened, the White Chicken appeared and said: "Welcome to Nine Clouds".

(*) Corresponding to each different type of jam will correspond to the index that the character chooses for his starting Hero.

The story of White Chicken & Nine Clouds World….

The White Chicken calls his world Cloud Nine, where gravity doesn't exist.

Not long ago, this place was a normal world like Alice's old Earth, but a meteorite collision that deviated from orbit caused gravity to gradually lose, the ground cracked into giant island blocks which slowly flew and floated in mid-air.

Those who survived the earthquake called themselves Farm Me - the settlers on their own previous world and their mission was to find a way to live on that familiar but strange land. , and at the same time find a way to gather and contact with the survivors together to fight the alien forces that are trying to penetrate into the Cloud Nine.

Because the number of Farm Me surviving and connecting with each other is too small, these remaining people have to call the inhabitants from other planets for help! They are special messengers with the ability to teleport between planets to find the right people to bring to the Cloud Nine, White Chicken is one of them.

The White Chicken has chosen Alice to be a Farm Me!

“Basically, Nine Clouds is a universe of large and small islands in a row, floating in the clouds. In the immediate future, the Farm Me has only identified the following islands:

Treehouse: This is Alice's house, she is the only Farm Me living on this island. The treehouse is large but unexplored, Alice's task is to both plant and raise livestock in her garden, and find a way to explore around with the help of the White Chicken.

Book Island: Also known as the town where a large number of Farm Me live and come back and forth to exchange food, meet and chat with each other.

Whale Island: Only Farm Me who choose a nomadic life without a garden will live here. You can catch rare fish, find friends and find work on Whale Island.

Side of the Volcanic Belt: There is an active volcano on this island, there are some Farm Me living here. Almost no one knows the frequency of this island region. Activities still take place here, however, it is easier to find rare minerals here with a higher probability than other places, so it is also a place where aliens are on the verge of invasion.

White Chicken Island: Affected by radiation from meteorites, the animals on this island can speak human languages, and the White Chicken is one of the messengers from this island. Some Farm Me love animals live here, but this place is difficult to get to because it is so far from the rest of the islands. Currently, only flying saucers can be reached here.

Carrot Island: The Farm Men living here are very good at farming. Like White Chicken Island, it is difficult to move here because it is very far from other islands.

Sweet Island: An island that doesn't belong to Nine Layers of Clouds, Base of alien invaders, and rumored to be, everything here is made of candy!

And Alice’s journey starts…

She became a true citizen in the fantasy metaverse “Farm Me”.

"You may be a normal person in real life, but in Farm Me, you'll become a special person who has the personality you want".

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