Job Platform

One of the most common problems faced by NFT games is the investors buying NFTs, however they don’t have enough time to play games and the players who actually want to play the game without having capital.

The concept is based on the business agreement model between investors (NFT owners) and NFT tenants. The financial value is based on the consensus in the smart contract. This encourages players (Gamer) to participate without having to invest money.

In Farm Me, we provide a job platform where everyone can play and earn real money and also connect between the investors and game players. This feature aims to solve problems that other GameFi(s) are facing which helps to gain traction and attract more players from other traditional games.

  • Apply for jobs from investors according to in-game tasks, earn more $ME token or rare item/shard item to upgrade level

  • Employ others to complete the daily tasks or work hard in-game activities such as harvesting the items on time to avoid reducing/losing output (We don’t apply the rotating mechanism once harvesting)

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