This can be generated for players to race to the top and win valuable gifts: daily, weekly, monthly... seasonal events.

Daily Event: Dungeon & Quest

The monster system is mythical beasts that appear in hunting maps

  • There is a limit to the number of participants per day, if you want to play more, you need a ticket.

  • Players can collect Pet Shards to create new NFTs or $ME depending on the difficulty level.

  • Pet has energy to limit continuous activity and need to be fed to continue to support the hero (avoid keeping Pet support Hero and Farm continuously - causing inflation of agricultural products and currency).

Weekly Event: Arena

  • Gamer will let the Hero participate in PvP to be ranked in leaderboard

  • The higher the rank, the more rare items they get.

  • Players can collect Hero Shards to create new NFTs.

Monthly Event: Tournament/ Seasonal event

  • Gamers will fight to complete the mission of the system (can be farming, PvE, PvP) to accumulate seasonal ranking points.

  • There are many different ranks to increase the excitement for gamers (Iron, Copper, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond).

  • Players can collect Weapon Shards to create new NFTs

  • Weapon has its own durability (Duration) when it is low, its effectiveness in combat also decreases, when Duration = 0 it cannot be used, and must be repaired at the Blacksmith.

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